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17. It's Not Good to Do Life Alone

May 16, 2022 Jamie Kirschner Season 2 Episode 17
UncommonTEEN: The Podcast for Christian Teen Girls
17. It's Not Good to Do Life Alone
Show Notes

Have you ever been blindfolded before? Or maybe the electricity went off in your house at night and you were trying to navigate your way through in the dark? You know that in either of these situations, it’s extremely hard to see when you have no idea where you are or what’s in front of you. 

 Yesterday, I walked into my room and because it was dark, I tripped over the vacuum cleaner that someone did not put away…okay, that I did not put away. Then as I righted myself, declaring I would never leave the vacuum there again, I walked into my bathroom…still no lights on, tripped over a sandal that my husband left on the floor and about face planted the wall. 

 After that…I finally got the bright idea…maybe I should turn the light on!

 Sometimes in life, we find ourselves in positions like this…not that we are physically walking in the dark and need some sort of light, but maybe we are doing something that we have never done before and we have no idea what to do, where to go and it feels like we are walking in the dark…stumbling trying to find our way. 

Maybe it’s simply that you know that God created you for a purpose, but you have no idea what that purpose is. 

Or maybe it’s, you know what God is asking you to do, but you’re not sure how to do it. 

Maybe God is calling you to start a ministry encouraging younger teen girls, but you have no idea where to start. 

Maybe God is calling you to start a club at your school, but you have no idea what to do. 

Or…maybe you know what to do, but you are holding yourself back from doing it, because it’s scary.

 Ladies, God never intended for us to do life alone. That’s why the Bible talks so much about friendships and gives so many examples of someone coming alongside someone else to help guide them as they are on their journey. 

 For example, Samuel had Eli, Elijah had Elisha, Moses had Jethro, Esther had Mordechai, the 12 disciples had Jesus. 

 We all need people to come alongside of us to encourage us, especially during the teen years. You are facing things that you have never faced before in life and some of them can be quite challenging. 

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