UncommonTEEN: The Podcast for Christian Teen Girls

18. My Truth VS The Truth

May 23, 2022 Season 2 Episode 18
UncommonTEEN: The Podcast for Christian Teen Girls
18. My Truth VS The Truth
Show Notes

Have you ever played the game, Two Truths and a Lie? If not, this is a game where you list 3 things about yourself. Two of them are true and one is not. Then the other people that you’re playing with are supposed to guess which one of the 3 things is the lie. 

Now, I’m not condoning lying, so please don’t hear that. Everything that we say should always be truth. 

 However, I bring up this game, because I believe that this game is similar to the game that the devil and because of the help of the devil, this culture is playing with us today.

 What the enemy does is he will tell you the truth, but in the same matter slip in a lie. If we aren’t careful, we will believe it all as the truth. 

You have probably heard the phrases, “My truth is…” or “that’s just their truth.” Or “know your truth.”

 The problem with “my truth” is that the people who are saying this phrase don’t really even know what truth is. 

Truth is not relative. If truth was relative, meaning that it changes based on the individual, then it wouldn’t be truth…it would just be an opinion or the way that someone perceives something. It there would be no such thing as truth. It wouldn’t exist.

 The culture tells you, “do what makes you feel good!” You deserve it!

 Just because something feels good, doesn’t mean it is good. Just because it feels right, doesn’t mean it is right. We are letting our feelings determine our truth.

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